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7 Tips to make sure your home is stain free.


Winter is over!, get your home ready to celebrate summer, friends, and family. During the warm weather months, you will probably be entertaining, and you need your home to look great. Wet feet, cold days, and more time spent indoors can wreak havoc on your floors and carpets. Here are some amazing tips to make sure your house is clean and ready for an action-packed summer.

Tip #1 – Clean your carpet

No matter what type of carpet you have in your home, or how careful you are about not walking through the house with your shoes on, the floor will get dirty. Dust and dirt are carried in on your clothes and personal items and ends up making the carpet look dingy and can make your allergies flare. We can come in and provide professional carpet cleaning and steam clean your carpet making it look like new. We use eco-friendly products that will not harm the environment or your pets.

Tip #2 – Get rid of pet stains and odours

During the cold winter months, your pets are more likely to have accidents inside the house. Maybe your pup doesn’t like going out in the cold wind and might crouch behind the furniture to do his business. These types of stains are hard to remove yourself and will probably require professional cleaning. Once we have located the areas that need special attention, the stains will not only be removed, but you will be left with a fresh clean smell.

Tip #3 – Dirty tile and grout

One of the most overlooked areas of the home is the tile and grout in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas. Over time dirt will build up on the tile and make it look grey and cloudy. You might even have mould growing in the grout. The best way to get your tile looking like new is to have it professionally steam cleaned. We use hot water to kill mould and mildew and loosen even the most ground in dirt and grime.

Tip #4 – Disinfect upholstery and furniture

Throughout the winter months, your upholstery and furniture may take a beating. Wet coats and muddy socks can stain your couch and ottomans. Instead of replacing your furniture or covering it with throw blankets, have the fabric cleaned professionally. Using special tools and attachments, we can make stains disappear, remove odours, and you will see your favourite chair in a new light.

Tip #5 – Scrub your concrete patio

Once the inside of your house is clean and fresh looking, you need to spend some time on your outdoor living spaces. Wet leaves, branches from trees, and dirt and grass from your yard can make a mess on your concrete patio. If you don’t have time to scrub the patio yourself, give us a call to come and make your concrete look like new. Once it’s clean – lay down a beautiful bright outdoor rug and give the space a new look.

Tip #6 – Wash the fence and deck

Most families enjoy the privacy a fence brings to the yard. Whether you have a wooden or plastic fence, over time the sun, wind, and rain will make it look grey and weathered. Having your fence and deck cleaned professionally will make it last longer and look beautiful. You need to be careful when cleaning these areas, so you don’t damage the structure.

Tip #7 – Professional pressure washing

One of the best ways to give almost anything a fresh new look is to have it professionally pressure washed. You can pressure wash the siding on your home, the soffits, garage doors, and even outdoor furniture. Pressure washing will take the mildew off and make your siding last longer and look beautiful.

We take pride in doing a professional job and providing excellent customer service.

Contact Northside Carpet Care today and let us help get your home and yard ready for some summer fun.

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