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Vacuuming Carpet Mistakes


Vacuuming carpet mistakes to watch out for

VacuumingVacuuming your carpets is undoubtedly the most recurring household task you must address on a weekly basis. Your carpets accumulate a great deal of dust and other spoils, especially when placed in high traffic areas. The scary reality is that a carpet can hold its weight in dust, which can only be prevented through vacuuming.

It is no wonder then that many experts regard Carpet Cleaning as crucial for the life of your carpets. Sadly, many people seem to think that it is a trivial enough duty that requires no particular attention and care. As it turns out, proper vacuuming is a bit more complicated than that.

You should avoid certain mistakes, which are too common:

  • Vacuuming in one direction only – vacuuming the carpets is nothing similar to lawn mowing. As such, you must never vacuum in a single linear way only. One-way vacuuming doesn’t do much regarding dislodging accumulated dust, especially when it comes to deeply ingrained dirt and allergens. Instead, you should be vacuuming in all directions to tackle the impurities from different angles. It is the only way to ensure fewer nasties lurk within the fibres.

Vacuuming Mistakes

  • Rushing through the job – another common mistake people make when vacuuming is rushing through the task. Unfortunately, this is another way to save the dust and dirt ingrained within the deep pile. You must allow your vacuum cleaner enough suction time for it to remove the dust particles from the carpet pile. Move the vacuum slowly and let it do its job without rushing through the task.
  • Vacuuming with no attachments – attachments aren’t just accessories your vacuum cleaner comes with. They are quite useful in cleaning different areas and items. The added functionality of attachments lets you use the vacuum cleaner to tackle the draperies and upholstery. Don’t make the mistake of disregarding this extra utility.
  • Cleaning when it is dirty – well-educated people know that cleaning the house should be done at all times, not just reactively. Dust accumulates on carpets at all times, whether you like it or not. Meaning, you should be investing regular care in vacuuming, even if the carpet looks clean. A little precautionary measure goes a long way.
  • Keeping the bin/bag full – the vacuum only works well with its bag or cylinder half full. You need to empty the bin or replace the bag on a regular basis, to ensure you can vacuum the place well enough. While it is not necessary to do it every single time you vacuum, you should make it a habit to check how full the bag/bin is. It is the best way to clean.
  • Leaving clutter around – no vacuum cleaning session is ever successful with too much clutter around. You need the space to navigate properly, and for this reason, you should de clutter. Move furniture from time to time too, as dust accumulates underneath such pieces also.

There is every reason to mind your vacuuming. It is the only way to ensure that your carpets are free of dust and other annoying allergens.

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