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Tile and grout cleaning perth

Effective tips for tile and grout cleaning


   Regular Cleaning

      • First basic tips to keep your tile look like new is to sweep it with fluffy dust mop and use microfiber mop to reach every corner or high up tiling. And also  vacuum your tiles with vacuum cleaner.
      • Cleaning your tile with warm water twice a week is also necessary. You should also run a mop after washing with warm water, also don’t forget to clean the mop in clean water after finish cleaning each sector of room.
      • No matter if you if use normal water or mix it with detergent or floor cleanser but never forget to dry the floor with clean mop to prevent it from possible new dust stains.
      • If you drop some liquids on floor like juice and syrup or if its food, don’t forget to clean it right away, more it will stay on your floor more it will have time to get soaked on grout. Also some liquids are very sticky to so better you always keep cleaning your tiles right after it gets dirty.

Deep Cleaning

    • Floor Cleaning with Vinegar:  Use 8 liter of water and add one cup Vinegar in it. mix it well and use it to mop your tile more    effectively.Still if your floor doesn’t look clean you can mop again with detergent and warm water. Once you are done with that, wash and  your tiles and grout with clean water.


    • Rust stains removing with Kerosene:  Rust stains are the most irritated part of tiles cleaning. Kerosene is the best solution for that thing.  First of all wear a pair of gloves to protect your hands. Get a clean cloth and make it wet with kerosene.


    • Stain cleaning with Scouring Powder:  As we said above if liquid or food stays on your floor it makes stains. Make a pest with warm  water and scouring powder with using both in same quantity. Use clean cloth  to rub the pest on effected area. then let it stay for 10 minutes. then use the soft brush to scrub that pest on effected spots. finally wash it with warm water and you will see stain free tile.

These are few of the effective tips to clean your tiles yourself but if you are facing those kind of problems again and again, you should contact professional Tiles and Grout Cleaners, Because they knows how to clean different kind of stains and spills with different necessary cleansers and machinery.


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