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Carpet Cleaning Myths

Carpet Cleaning Myths   Carpet cleaning myths – Regular professional cleaning can keep your carpets looking beautifully clean and fresh for many years. Despite this, some homeowners are reluctant to get their carpets cleaned due to concerns and misconceptions about the potential problems that carpet cleaning can cause. In this article we’re going to bust […]

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The Hardest Stains to Remove from Carpet

The Hardest Stains to Remove from Carpet When it comes to stains on your carpet no two scenarios are ever the same; safe stain removal will depend upon many factors, such as what was spilled, how much, what colour and type of carpet, the carpet fibre type and how soon you take action! Among the […]

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What Germs are in your Carpets?

  Are there many germs in Carpets? Are you wondering if there are germs in carpets? The simple answer is yes, there are many different germs lurking in your carpets and upholstery! That’s why regular professional cleaning is necessary, not just to enhance their appearance and prolong their life but also for good hygiene. So what might you […]

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