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Carpet Cleaning and End of Lease Service

end-of-lease-carpet-cleaningIf you are looking for a thorough carpet cleaning services, we, at Northside Carpet Care have you covered. By having your carpets regularly cleaned, you are not only keeping them smelling fresh and hygienic, which improves the air quality within your home, you are also removing the buildup of dust and dirt that builds deep within the fibres, helping to shorten their lifespan.We use the best chemical solutions available to our industry. Most of our chemicals are chosen for their effectiveness whilst also keeping environmental concerns in mind when we choose.

When it comes to end of tenant carpet cleaning you’re not just looking for carpet cleaning, you’re looking to get your bond back. Northside Carpet Care are experts in end of tenancy carpet cleaning and work with both tenants directly and through contacts with a number of real estate agents.

Why you should choose Northside Carpet Care for your end of tenancy carpet cleaning?

truecheckiconHundreds of happy customers and returned bonds

truecheckiconStain treatments included at minimal cost

truecheckiconFormal receipt/invoice provided detailing work

truecheckiconOnly professional machinery and chemicals used