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2 Methods for tile and grout cleaning


One of the least parts of having an attractive tile floor is the dark bad mildew stains often occur in grout lines found in bathrooms and another wet atmosphere. Luckily it isn’t that tough to remove these, as long as you’re willing to do every possible thing for your Tile and Grout Cleaning.

The main thing used to clean grout lines is going to be a little, mostly this brush is known as a grout brush. as in alternative you can also use your old toothbrush.

The idea is to have a thing that is little and narrow enough to let you work in between the tiles without damaging their surface.

Note: The edges of tiles are mostly their most delicate spot, so be careful while cleaning grout lines.

In this blog we will talk about two methods of Tile and Grout Cleaning which are Traditional and Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning.

traditional Tile and Grout Cleaning Method

The old method to clean grout lines is using household chlorine bleach. you just need to dip your brush in that chemical and then scrub it in grout lines and on tile stains.

Do not wear new clothes as the bleach will tend to splatter. also keep your windows open and make sure the area you are cleaning is well ventilated.

Sometimes, you need to let the bleach stay in the grout lines or on stains of tiles for few hours, and then try scrubbing them again to get rid of tough set-in stains.

After you finish you must wash the whole area with water or baking soda mixed with water to remove the smell of chemical and make that place hygiene.

The last step is to completely mop the floor with clean water, rinse the mop few times to make sure that all bleach is removed from its surface.

Notice: Keep your pets and little children away from the floor during the whole process.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Method

If you have an exceptionally difficult stain to remove, then you have different types  of powerful professional tile and grout cleaners that you can select from.

Most commercial tile and grout cleaners are strong acid based agents that can be risky to work with if you do not take the appropriate precautions. Always follow the same instructions on the label.

For your safety, you should wear rubber gloves, eye protection, and in sometimes a breathing mask too. You should make sure that the place is very well ventilated, also sometimes, you should use a fan to make sure that toxins do not settle.

First of all you should start using a weak, water diluted solution of the cleaner. If needed then, increase the strength as per need.

Apply it using a best quality grout brush, and then let it settle into the grout for about 45 minutes.

When you finish, properly mop the tiles with clean water in order to totally remove cleaning agent. Let the area to dry totally before anyone enters the room.

Still if you are not sure about doing it on your own you should call Northside Carpet Care for getting best professional Tile and Grout Cleaning services in Perth. Our experts will do that work very carefully and make sure you get the best result too.

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